It's aLIVE Created by Neil Patrick Harris


it’s alive created by neil patrick harris


This October, we partnered with Halloween fan boy — Neil Patrick Harris — and Halloween favorite — Reese’s — to bring an interactive LIVE Haunted House experience to the masses on Instagram and Facebook.

It’s aLIVE set out to answer one simple question: Can an online community build a better creative experience together?


Through a month-long Choose Your Own Adventure style experience, NPH issued a series of prompts across Instagram Story Polls, Question Stickers, and Poll Ads in Facebook Feed, inviting people to join together to weigh in on how the haunted house came to life.

Would there be a car full of creepy clowns or a vampire dentist with a rusty two headed drill? The audience decided together. Who would serve the Reese’s goodies? An angelic choir or a blessing of unicorns? The audience decided that together too.


On October 24th, we invited dozens of willing victims to walk through the actual house as the audience who created it watched along and controlled it even more through interactive LIVE Polls on Facebook.

Scheming with Neil, people not only decided when and how to scare the brave souls going through the house but also when to give them an elaborate, Reese’s-themed treat.




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