McDonald's X SideFlix


the most social music video ever


Each year in Poland, brands across the country vie to be part of teen culture via the unofficial ‘Song of Summer’.

And with new technology becoming more essential to teen’s lives than ever before, McDonald’s wanted to create an inclusive, tech-based music experience for teens to come together in real life to ‘unlock’ this 2019 Summer jam.


As our beta partners, McDonald’s and DDB&tribal Warsaw turned to SideFlix — a patented Instant Games experience that unlocks synced content across multiple mobile devices for people watching together IRL — and designed the most social music video ever with up and coming Instagram influencer and Polish singer Dawid Kwiatkowski to promote the brand’s ‘2forU’ offer and to drive in-store.


Instagram Stories

Dawid Kwiatkowski’s Stories were the fun, on-going, ephemeral way to get people to try SideFlix. He went LIVE, took questions from fans, and even played the music video together with his Influencer friends.


The more people who joined IRL across 2-6 devices, the more music and deals were unlocked.


More Friends = More Music Video = More Promotions


IRL Design Comms

Once people were in-store, custom tray liners and self-order kiosk screens were designed to guide people through the experience.






Dawid Kwiatkowski
DDB&tribal Warsaw