Race it

Exhibit Design. 2009.

Challenge. Launch and unveil the groundbreaking Panamera in North American at the 2009 Monterey Peninsular Automotive Week and reinforce Porsche as the premier luxury sports car manufacturer.

Created a series of brand engagements within the Monterey footprint aimed at a high-end consumer group. The exhibit housed a series of consumer experiences where attendees were led on a sensory-based exploration that provided opportunity to hear, see, touch, and explore the Panamera's unique story.

The launch represented a huge success for Porsche; hitting and surpassing all outlined benchmarks. Along with massive media coverage, the exhibit delivered 131% of all targeted behind-the-wheel test drive experiences and 104% of all qualified consumer data leads directly to local Porsche dealerships.

Responsibilities. Initial concept sketches // Renderings // Electronic booking system design // Printed collateral // On-site implementation