Some Stuff About Me


Iā€™m an interdisciplinary Creative Director, Technologist, and Experience Designer.

I like to make things that explore the kaleidoscopic potential of ideas at the intersection of people, tech, and culture. I believe creativity can be a force for good in the world and that things that are good in the world are often good for brands too.

As the Global Prototype Lead at The Creative Shop, I currently lead a team focused on designing new experiences that Voltron storytelling and tech in unexpected, innovative ways.

Before Facebook, I spent a few years as an interior architect and graphic designer. I live in Brooklyn, can be found uke-ing around the five boroughs and collecting an obscene amount of house plants.

I also own a handful US Patents for nerdy media inventions šŸ‘Œ.


Awards and recognition include: Webby Awards. One Show. Digiday Awards. American Advertising Awards. Experience Design & Technology Awards. Commerce Nexty Awards.




ā€¢ Facebook
ā€¢ Instagram
ā€¢ Messenger
ā€¢ WhatsApp
ā€¢ Oculus

ā€¢ Pierce

ā€¢ Lippincott



ā€¢ Cornell University
ā€¢ The Glasgow School of Art