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Ovi by Nokia.
Pop-Up Store Design. 2009.

Generate awareness of the Ovi Store. Deliver a rich and engaging education about the Ovi service proposition while driving consideration of all Nokia devices.

Developed a live Ovi Pop-Up Store on Nokia Plaza where consumers learned about the Ovi service offering through several in-depth experiences. The store was built using an existing brand asset: a shipping container from Nokia Studio. It was retrofit to include a glass storefront allowing for an open, clear line of sight into the unit. Interior graphics were backlit in order to provide a “pop” of key Ovi brand colors visible during both the day and night from the store exterior.

Results. Despite brief adoption of the platform, in May 2011 Nokia announced that it will discontinue the Ovi brand in favor of the Nokia brand. The decision was taken to avoid brand confusion.

Store concept // Design development drawings // Interior graphics // Printed collateral // On-site installation