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the virtual wing


Museums inspire children to learn — expanding their minds and creativity. In fact, if a child visits a museum before the age of 10 they are twice as likely to pursue higher education.

Unfortunately, only a fraction of school-age kids ever see the treasures inside these institutions. The Virtual Wing aims to change this by enhancing the museum experience with real-world anchored AR to provide an educational bridge between museums and students.


On-site: Over the next year, we’re partnering with a number of esteemed museums — beginning with Tate Britain — to augment multiple pieces of art within their collection leveraging Instagram Camera Effects and the new multi-target tracker to deliver rich AR overlays, powered by Spark AR.


The Tate Britain experience uses AR to reveal the unseen context and stories behind important works of art. In the above, we see William Turner’s ‘Fishing Upon the Blythe-sand’ which he famously turned into a cat flap when he failed to sell it. 😹


Discover all eight Tate stories yourself below!

1. Search for @tate on Instagram
2. Go to the ‘Effects’ tab
3. Watch the AR experience video
4. Tap ‘Try It’
5. Point your phone at the artwork


In-Classrooms: Beyond the on-site experience, we’re distributing physical ‘kits’ to schools and open sourcing plans online.


Each ‘kit’ comes complete with cardboard panels for children to build their own ‘Virtual Museum’, AR cards featuring images of the artwork, and devices — bringing the augmented museum experience to classrooms around the world.




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