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tommy x sideflix


Co-viewing has long been a way to make people feel closer when they’re apart. But what if we turned this paradigm on its head and made watching — and shopping — better for people together IRL?

To test this theory, we built a prototype called SideFlix — an experience that unlocks synced content across multiple mobile devices for people watching together. Through a hack in Facebook Instant Games, we seamlessly connected people’s phones to create new viewing experiences and bring people together around shared stories.


Together with Tommy Hilfiger, our SideFlix alpha partner, we built a series of interactive shoppable videos around Tommy’s 2018 Fall collection — the more people who joined IRL across 2-4 devices the more shoppable content was unlocked.


Tommy X Lewis

Tommy Hilfiger and Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton SideFlix-ing together for the first time backstage at the 2018 Fall Fashion Week show.


The magic of the fashion show has always been so much more than seeing a collection for the first time — the magic is sharing the moment with the people who make it meaningful to you. SideFlix helped Tommy bring that experience to everyone.

Peep how we built this in the case video above.




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